Relay for Africa Course Map

Millennium Park, Danville KY
Cunningham Dr, Danville, KY 40422

There will be volunteers and birghtly colored duct tape arrows on the path to provide direction. Race starts at the large picnic pavilion next to the playground. Take the sidewalk next the parking lot and softball fields away from the lake, turning right onto the perimiter path. There is a two tenths of a mile stretch here where runners/walkers are passing each other going in opposite directions (keep to the right on the path). Keep right at the fork, cross the dam and circle around the back of the park. The one mile marker is near the gazebo. Keep right at the fork again at the two tenths of a mile stretch in the opposite direction. Circle around the front of the park, cross the bridge and up the hill to the exchange/finish line.

Printable Course Map