Minister to Youth Job Description

Supervisor:  Pastor

Position Concept:  To cultivate in youth, youth workers, parents and adults a desire to “Be the Best” that Christ has called them to be.  Seek to minister to the spiritual, physical, social, intellectual, and emotional needs of LABC youth, parents, and youth workers. Design youth ministry programs that minister to the entire church through the youth ministry.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Be responsible for developing, promoting, coordinating and supervising a balanced program of educational and ministry opportunities for youth, youth workers, and parents.  

  2. Publicize the youth, youth worker, and parent programs through many different media.

  3. Design and coordinate the Youth Sunday School program by enlisting and training various workers to lead youth grades 7-12 in discovering for themselves a personal, growing faith through Bible Study.

  4. Design and meet with the Youth Ministry council as director planner and guide.  The goal is to develop a ministry where youth, youth workers, and parents are all involved in youth ministry work.

  5. Be available for counsel and support at various times away from the church; for example, attending events at school or in the community where youth, youth workers, and parents are involved.  Personal visits to homes in times of crises.

  6. Schedule monthly events designed to meet the various needs of LABC youth, youth workers, and parents.

  7. Encourage and promote inclusiveness among youth from different school systems and welcoming newcomers into the group.

  8. Design and coordinate yearly a youth emphasis in the church.

  9. Encourage continued church involvement and Christian growth among LABC youth through Youth Sunday School and other youth ministries.  Provide a welcoming environment for guests in all aspects of youth ministry.

  10. Design, coordinate, and conduct weekly Bible study sessions and ministry opportunities encouraging Christian growth and opportunities for ministry in evangelism for all age youth.  

  11. Submit a yearly youth budget for approval by the Finance committee.

  12. Perform other duties as assigned by the pastor.

Interested candidates should submit a resume to