September 15, 2019 (Sermon: Turn Headlights On, Pastor Basil Hall)
September 8, 2019 (Sermon: Fast Food, Pastor Basil Hall)
September 1, 2019 (Sermon: Rest Area, Pastor Basil Hall)
August 25, 2019 (Sermon: Yield or Not, Pastor Basil Hall)
August 18, 2019 (Communion—Sermon: Let’s Get This Started, Pastor Basil Hall)
August 11, 2019 (Sermon: The Poison, Pastor Basil Hall)
August 4, 2019 (Sermon: The Meal, Pastor Basil Hall)
July 28, 2019 (Sermon: In the Beginning…, Pastor Basil Hall)
July 21, 2019 (Sermon: Yes: Rest!!, Pastor Basil Hall)
July 14, 2019 (Sermon: “Nope: You Must Help Bear the Cross,” Pastor Basil Hall)
July 7, 2019 (Communion-Sermon: Nope: Everyone Should Be Like You, Pastor Basil Hall)
June 30, 2019 (Sermon: Nope: I’m Giving Up, Pastor Basil Hall)
June 23, 2019 (Sermon: Guest Minister: Aaron Hogue—Baptism)
June 16, 2019 (Sermon: Nope: You Don’t Have to Forgive, Pastor Basil Hall-Baptism)
June 9, 2019 (Sermon: Nope!: If You Were Better, Life would Be Better, Pastor Basil Hall)
June 2, 2019 (Sermon: Nope!: Jesus is Disappointed in You, Pastor Basil Hall-Parent/Child Dedication)
May 26, 2019 (Sermon: The Prize, Pastor Basil Hall)
May 19, 2019 (Sermon: Don’t Look Back, Pastor Basil Hall-Graduate Recognition)
May 12, 2019 (Sermon:Soar, Pastor Basil Hall-Mother’s Day)
May 5, 2019 (Sermon: Focus, Pastor Basil Hall)
April 28, 2019 (Sermon: Just Thomas, Rev. Amanda Standiford)
April 21, 2019 (Sermon: Victory, Pastor Basil Hall-Easter Sunday)
April 14, 2019 (Sermon: Everyone Else and a Thief, Pastor Basil Hall)
April 7, 2019 (Sermon: An Unlikely Rescue, Pastor Basil Hall)
March 31, 2019 (Sermon: The Centurion, Pastor Basil Hall)
March 24, 2019 (Women’s Sunday)
March 17, 2019 (Sermon: Shaky, Pastor Basil Hall)
March 10, 2019 (Communion-Sermon: Big vs. Small, Pastor Basil Hall)
March 3, 2019 (Sermon: You Can Be Somebody-Pastor Basil Hall)
February 24, 2019 (Sermon: Nobody, Pastor Basil Hall)
February 17, 2019 (Sermon: Doubt Not, Pastor Basil Hall)
February 10, 2019 (Sermon: Judge Not, Pastor Basil Hall)
February 3, 2019 (Communion-Sermon: Worry Not, Pastor Basil Hall)
January 27, 2019 (Sermon: Sin Not, Pastor Basil Hall)
January 20, 2019 (Sermon: Sin Not, Pastor Basil Hall) {No Service-weather}
January 13, 2019 (Sermon: Fear Not, Pastor Basil Hall)
January 6, 2019 (Sermon: New Years Revolutions, Pastor Basil Hall)

December 30, 2018 (Sermon: The One New Year’s Resolution I Kept, H.K. Kingkade)
December 23, 2018 (Sermon: In Search of…An Exit Plan, Pastor Basil Hall)
December 16, 2018 (Children’s Music Sunday-Sermon: In Search of…Bethlehem?, Pastor Basil Hall)
December 9, 2018 (Sermon: In Search of Right God, Wrong Place, Pastor Basil Hall-Instrumental Sunday)
December 2, 2018 (Sermon: In Search of Anything Good, Pastor Basil Hall)
November 25, 2018 Sermon: Giving and Thanking, Pastor Basil Hall)
November 18, 2018 (Sermon: Getting God’s Attention, Pastor Basil Hall)
November 11, 2018 (Sermon: Desperate, Pastor Basil Hall)
November 4, 2018 (Sermon: It Is Well, Pastor Basil Hall)
October 28, 2018 (Sermon: Sick and Tired, Pastor Basil Hall)
October 21, 2018 (Children’s Day in Worship-Sermon: Fierce, Pastor Basil Hall
October 14, 2018 (Sermon: A Just Game, Rev. Amanda Standiford)
October 7, 2018 Baptism, Communion (Sermon: Don’t Take God for Granted, Pastor Basil Hall)
September 30, 2018 (Sermon: Pick and Choose, Pastor Basil Hall)
September 23, 2018 (Sermon: Do I Gotta Go?”, Pastor Basil Hall)
September 16, 2018 (Sermon: Path, Pastor Basil Hall)
September 9, 2018 (Baptism--Sermon: No Barriers For Compassion, Dr. Terry Freeman)
September 2 2018 (Sermon: The Heart Is What Matters, Dr. Terry Freeman)
August 26, 2018 (Sermon: Repayment That Matters, Dr. Terry Freeman)
August 19, 2018 (Communion-Sermon: True Food and True Drink, Dr. Terry Freeman)
August 12, 2018 (Sermon: Know Jesus, No Fear, Pastor Candidate)
August 5, 2018 (Sermon: Seeing Is Not Always Believing, Dr. Terry Freeman)
July 29, 2018 (Sermon: The Bread of Life, Dr. Terry Freeman)
July 22, 2018 (Sermon: Strong in Christ, Aaron Hogue)
July 15, 2018 (Sermon: New Beginnings, Our Specialty, Rev. John Penick)
July 8, 2018 (Communion-- Sermon: A Difficult Commission, Dr. Terry Freeman)
July 1, 2018 (Sermon: Lest We Forget, Dr. Terry Freeman)
June 24, 2018 (Sermon, A Mater of Attitude, Dr. Terry Freeman)
June 17, 2018 (Sermon: Persistence and Loyalty, Dr. Terry Freeman)
June 10, 2018 (Sermon: Who, Me?, Dr. Terry Freeman)
June 3, 2018 (Brass Band Weekend-Sermon: Deep and Wide, Rev. Amanda Standiford)
May 27, 2018 (Sermon: God Remembers, Dr. Terry Freeman)
May 20, 2018 (H.S. Graduate Recognition Sunday--Sermon: Getting Involved, Dr Terry Freeman)
May 13, 2018 (Parent/Child Dedicaton, Sermon: A Blended Family, Dr. Terry Freeman)
May 6, 2018 (Youth Sunday, Adam Standiford preaching)
April 29, 2018 (Sermon: Breaking Tradition, Dr. Terry Freeman)
April 22, 2018 (Deacon Emeritus Recognition: Sermon: Who Is To Minister?, Dr. Terry Freeman)
April 15, 2018 (Our Family Story, Dr Terry Freeman)
April 8, 2018 (Sermon: Peace Be With You, Dr. Terry Freeman)
April 1, 2018 Easter Sunday (Instruments & Sermon: Who Is It You Are Looking For?,
Dr Terry Freeman)
March 25, 2018 (Sermon: Save us King Jesus, Dr. Terry Freeman)
March 18, 2018 (Sermon: Love Revealed, Dr. Terry Freeman)
March 11, 2018 (Sermon: He Came To Save, Dr. Terry Freeman)
March 4, 2018 (Communion, Sermon: The New Temple, Dr Terry Freeman)
February 25, 2018 (Second Sunday in Lent-Heritage Sunday, Dr. Bob Baker)
February 18, 2018 (First Sunday in Lent Sermon: Do Not Worry, Rev. Dave Garrett)
February 11, 2018 (Ladies Day at LABC--Amanda Standiford preaching)
February 4, 2018 (Deacon Ordination; Sermon: Deacon Charge, Dr. Terry Freeman)
January 28, 2018 (Sermon: What Is This?, Dr. Terry Freeman)
January 21, 2018 (Sermon: Called To Do Something, Dr. Terry Freeman)
January 14, 2018 (Sermon: Listening to God, Dr. Terry Freeman)
January 7, 2018 (Sermon: God's Stamp of Approval, Dr. Terry Freeman)

December 31, 2017 (Sermon: Have We Seen God's Salvation?, Dr. Terry Freeman)
December 24, 2017 Baptism (Sermon: You Will Name Him Jesus, Dr. Terry Freeman)
December 17, 2017 (Children's Christmas Musical; Sermon: A Time of Celebration, Dr Terry  Freeman)
December 10, 2017 (Christmas Instrumental & Choir Sunday; Sermon: A New Age, Dr. Terry Freeman
December 3, 2017 (Sermon: A People of Hope, Dr. Terry Freeman)
November 26, 2017 Sermon: We Cannot Help Ourselves, Dr. Terry Freeman)
November 19, 2017 (Sermon: Accountability For Our Gifts, Dr. Terry Freeman)
November 12, 2017 (Sermon: Youth DNow Weekend, Summer Quinn)
November 5, 2017 (Sermon: A Sinner Finds Compassion, Dr. Terry Freeman)
October 29, 2017 (Sermon: Just the Gospel and Nothing But the Gospel, Dr. Terry Freeman)
October 22, 2017 (Children's Sunday-Coming Close To A Mystery)
October 15, 2017 (Sermon: Our Choice, Dr Terry Freeman)
October 8, 2017 (Sermon: Never Anonymous to Jesus, John Penick)
October 1, 2017 (Sermon: What Do We Pass On?, Dr Terry Freeman)
September 24, 2017 (Sermon: How Many Times?, Captain Patrick Richmond (Salvation Army)
September 17, 2017 (Sermon: Getting Back to Ground Zero, Jeff Pratt)
September 10, 2017 (Sermon: Miracles Are Happening Today, Rev. Ernest Martin)
September 3, 2017 (Sermon: The Cave or the Covenant, Greg Hancock)
August 27, 2017 (Sermon: God's Love Endures Forever, Adam Standiford)
August 20, 2017 (Communion led by Staff)
August 13, 2017 (Sermon: Acts 2:37-47, Dr. Greg Earwood)
August 6, 2017 (Sermon: Walking on Water, Dr. Bob Defoor)
July 30, 2017 (Sermon: Let Your Garden Grow, Dr. Katie Anderson)
July 23, 2017 (Sermon: Be the Church, Rev. H.K. Kingkade)
July 16, 2017 (Sermon: The Main Thing, Rev. Ricky Cunningham)
July 9, 2017 (Sermon: A Long Story, A Big House, and A Wide Table, Rev Amanda Standiford)
July 2, 2017 (Sermon: Do You Barnabas People?, Rev. Max Hester)
June 25, 2017 (Sermon: Keep On Serving, Rev. Ernest Martin)
June 18, 2017 (Sermon: Making the Meantime Count, Rev. John Penick)
June 11, 2017 (Dr. Valentine's last Sunday-Sermon: My Time is in Your Hands)
June 4, 2017 (Brass Band Sunday-Deacon Led Worship Service)
May 28, 2017 (Sermon: God's Breath)
May 21, 2017 (Sermon: He's Waiting in the Storm)
May 14, 2017 (Parent/Child Dedication)
May 7, 2017 (High School Graduate Recognition -Sermon: A Prayer for Guidance)
April 30, 2017 (Sermon: Zacchaeus-Child of God)
April 23, 2017 (Sermon: Do You Remember That?)
April 16, 2017 Easter Sunday (Sermon: Easter is a Verb)
April 9, 2017 (Sermon: Every Promise in the Book is Mine)
April 2, 2017 (Sermon: Every Promise in the Book is Mine-Nothing Separates Us From God's Love)
March 26, 2017 (Sermon: The Last Supper-Dr. Keith Stillwell preaching)
March 19, 2017 (Sermon: Every Promise in the Book is Mine-God Cares About You!)
March 12, 2017 (Sermon: Every Promise in the Book is Mine-They That Hope in the Lord Shall Renew Their Strength)
March 5, 2917 (Sermon: God Stays With Me-Every Promise in the Book is Mine)
February 26, 2017 (Sermon: On the Mountaintop)
February 19, 2017 (Communion--Sermon: Be Complete)
February 12, 2017 (Sermon: Sharing the Road-Amanda Standiford preaching)
February 5, 2017 (Sermon: We've A Story to Tell)
January 29, 2017 (Sermon: This Is My Story)
January 22, 2017 (Sermon: Tell me the Story of Jesus)
January 15, 2017 (Sermon: I Love to Tell the Story)
January 8, 2017 (Sermon: The Visit of the Magi)
January 1, 2017 (Sermon: Simeon and Anna-Guest Preacher, Adam Standiford)

December 25, 2016 (Sermon: It's A Good Day to Be Born)
December 18, 2016 (Children's Worship at Christmas-Sermon: Expecting Christmas)
December 11, 2016 (Choir & Instruments-Sermon: Joy)
December 4, 2016 (Sermon: The Anticipation of Christmas)
November 27, 2016 (Sermon: Daring to Hope)
November 20, 2016 (Shoebox dedication, Sermon:Be Still)
November 13, 2016 (Sermon:The Blessing of Generosity)
November 6, 2016 (Sermon: Everything's Coming Together-Amanda Standiford & Youth Leadership Team Commissioning)
October 30, 2016 (Morocco Partnership Reflection)
October 23, 2016 (Sermon: Experience the Blessing: Blessing of Contentment)
October 16, 2016 (Sermon: Experience the Blessing-Blessing of Community)
October 9, 2016 (Sermon: Gratitude)
October 2, 2016 (Communion-Sermon: A Shared Blessing)
September 25, 2016 (Sermon: A Shared Home)
September 18, 2016 (Sermon: A Shared Ministry)
September 11, 2016 (Sermon: A Shared Story)
September 4, 2016 (Sermon: Remaking the Clay)
August 28, 2016 (Sermon: Welcoming Without Reserve)
August 21, 2016 (Sermon: The Fruit That Last All Year: Self-Control)
August 14, 2016 (Sermon: The Fruit That Last All Year: Gentleness)
August 7, 2016 (Sermon: The Fruit That Last All Year: Faithfulness)
July 31, 2016 (Sermon: The Fruit That Last All Year: Generosity)
July 24, 2016 (Sermon: The Fruit That Last All Year: Kindness)
July 17, 2016 (Sermon: The Fruit That Last All Year: Patience)
July 10, 2016 (Sermon: The Fruit That Last All Year: Peace)
July 3, 2016 (Sermon: The Fruit That Last All Year: Joy)
June 26, 2016 (Sermon: The Fruit That Last All Year: Love)
June 19, 2016 (Sermon: Perfect Love Drives Out Fear)
June 12, 2016 (Sermon: For Freedom We Were Set Free)
May 29, 2016 (Sermon: An Unexpected Faith)
May 22, 2016 (Sermon: Hope Always)
May 15, 2016 (Sermon: It's the Wind!)
May 8, 2016 (Baptism, Parent/Child Dedication, Recognition of Adam & Amber Nash)
May 1, 2016 (Sermon:  For I Know)
April 24, 2016 (Sermon: God's New Commandment)
April 17, 2016 (Sermon: Fear Not)
April 10, 2016 (Sermon: Do You Have Any Fish?)
April 3, 2016 (Sermon: Thomas)
March 27, 2016 (Sermon: The First Seven Words of Jesus: The Faith to Change)
March 20, 2016 (Sermon: The First Seven Words of Jesus: He Included Me)
March 13, 2016 (Sermon: The First Seven Words of Jesus: The Pain and Promise of Power)
March 6, 2016 (Sermon: The First Seven Words of Jesus: Tempting God)
February 28, 2016 (Sermon: The First Seven Words of Jesus: Two Kinds of Food)
February 21, 2016 (Sermon:The First Seven Words of Jesus: Gather at the River)
February 14, 2016 (Sermon: The First Seven Words of Jesus: My Father's Business)
February 7, 2016 (Sermon: Trusting God)
January 31, 2016 (Sermon: Redeeming Heaven and Earth: Creation Waits)

January 24, 2016 (Sermon: Surviving Heaven and Earth: Dissolved with Fire)

January 17, 2016 (Sermon: Receiving Heaven and Earth: Keeping Sabbath)
January 10, 2016 (Sermon: Creating Heaven and Earth-Fifty Nine Questions)
January 3, 2016 (Sermon: God's Promise for You: I Forgive You)